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  • HID Controllers

    VERTX EVO™ V1000
    The VertX EVO™ V1000 is a networked access controller with a multi-door access control panel. It reduces the burden on corporate Local Area Networks (LANs) by connecting up to 32 door controllers using only one IP address.

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    With HID Mobile Access®, employees can now use their smartphone, tablet or wearable to access doors, gates, networks and more

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    multiCLASS SE®readers are part of HID Global’s iCLASS SE® platform for highly secure, adaptable and interoperable access control.

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    IDSoft is a comprehensive ID-card creation tool used to create personnel identity cards as per the organization’s standard.

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  • Invixium Biometric – MERGE

    PCBThe hybrid flex-rigid PCB that IXM MERGE is armed with is the first of its kind in the entire bio metrics industry, contributing to its slim form and a breathtakingly svelte design with a maximum depth of only 33 mm. The Flex-Rigid PCB technology uses a single consolidated PCB, eliminating various failure points and reliability concerns arising due to inter connections between multiple PCBs. A phenomenal performance and a stunning look – the flex rigid PCB consists of all the core values embedded into the Invixium culture

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    Slim. Simple. Amazingly Powerful.

    Here at Invixium we believe that getting the basics right is the key to success! IXM MYCRO, the base model of all IXM products, has been designed with a comprehensive focus on simplicity and multi-functionality. In addition, the incredibly resilient exterior and Made in Canada construction provide sustained durability. Extremely flexible in its configuration, the IXM MYCRO can accommodate the needs of any application.

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  • TOUCH 2

    Faster. Stronger. Beyond Soul Touching

    TOUCH 2 is a super-charged take on an Invixium classic. It’s the same TOUCH you know and love – but better. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the perfect solution for time and attendance tracking has evolved. The newly revitalized TOUCH 2 brings yet another refreshingly modern design to the biometric market with a 5 MP camera for face detection, an enhanced IPS LCD Touchscreen for a visually stunning experience and the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 providing increased toughness. Armed with improved processing speed, increased memory and higher biometric record capacity, TOUCH 2 is a visually stunning, all-in-one, “do everything” machine for smart homes, enterprises and industries alike.


    TOUCH 2 comes equipped with a 5 MP camera with flash for face detection and capture. Program the TOUCH 2 to capture images for designated events using IXM WEB and save these images with the timestamp to the IXM WEB database. The camera also allows for video intercom for smart homes and offices – a significant upgrade to the audio intercom feature offered in the original TOUCH

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  • ZXP9-2-New

    Engineered to meet your high-security application needs, the ZXP Series 9 lets you produce photo-quality cards quickly and reliably. Ideal for printing photos and graphics, the dependable ZXP Series 9 printer incorporates Zebra’s Color Predictive Technology, featuring algorithms that constantly monitor and instantaneously adapt printer settings to automatically produce the highest print quality.

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