Industrial Speciality Lubricants (ISLUB) SAE is a leading Egyptian manufacturer of high quality lubricants since 2006. Our expertise consists of industrial specialities for metalworking and steel industries. We have a wide product range covering various operations needs: cutting & cooling lubricants, EDM oils, high temperature greases, hydraulic fluids and many more ISLUB provides not only custom products carefully composed for our clients, but also continuous technical support including pre-sales consulting, after-sales service and training for your staff. We are not just a lubricant seller, but a reliable partner that can bring added value in every stage of your production cycle.

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  • Neat Cutting Oils

    Neat cutting oil specially developed for medium severity machining of steel, copper and some aluminum alloys. It provides excellent protection against corrosion. It is recommended for cutting, sawing, drilling, turning, grinding operation and all kind of CNC designs.

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  • Sliding Surfaces oils

    DYKOSLIDE is made from highly refined paraffinic base oils fortified with a special additive package. It is specially designed for the lubrication of horizontal and vertical slideways.

    Has outstanding stick-slip performance.
    Provides high oxidation stability, corrosion and rust protection.
    Separates readily from water-based cutting fluids.
    The product is available in ISO viscosity grades 68, 100, 220, and 1000.

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