MASABIK is one of the largest, most advanced foundries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with annual capacity of 12,000 tons. It produces high quality steel, grey and ductile iron castings, and serves various industries in the Kingdom and International Markets.

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  • Agriculture and Water Industries

    Masabik’s intermediate bowls and pump impellers are very well accepted in the International Market. Masabik has more than 15 years’ experience by serving these industries as trusted supplier for the leading manufacturers in the region, Europe and USA.

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  • Automotive Industries

    Masabik is a leading automotive parts manufacturer in our region especially the aftermarket spare parts for trucks and commercial vehicles such as Brake drums, spoke wheels, wheel hubs and other fully machined cast iron parts. Masabik has vast experience and high expertise in manufacturing casting parts for the automotive industry near to 2 decades that earns the great reputation in the market. Masabik’s HWS molding line is suitable for the automotive parts that has manufactured millions of parts so far which has been tested and utilized on the roads with a great satisfaction.

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  • Cement Industries

    Masabik manufactures wear parts for the cement plants with its extensive experience in steel castings in crushing and mining industry. It currently produces the limestone hammers, grizzly bar, grate bar , grate plate and other consumable wear parts for the local cement plants in Saudi Arabia with a great customer satisfaction .

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  • Crushing & Mining Industries

    Masabik manufactures High Manganese and High Chrome steel casting consumable wear parts for the the majority of crushing and mining equipment in the world especially in KSA, Middle East and European regions. Masabik serves the wide range of crushers and metal shredders ( cone crusher, impact crusher, vertical and Jaw crushers) with the world class quality standards up to the range of single casting weight as 3 tons.

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  • Oil & Gas Industries

    Masabik is highly capable of manufacturing specialized castings for the oil and gas industry with a wide range of metallurgical compositions in steel, carbon steel and low alloy, and stainless steel castings according to the International standards.

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